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Postoperative care

I have had my operation. We also have recommendations for this initial period.

The day of the operation

After the operation, the patient will stay in the operating area for around fifteen minutes. He/she will be taken to sit in a chair in the so-called Postoperative Recovery Room while the effect of the sedation wears off and the surgeon tells relatives how the operation went. After this time, if the patient does not feel dizzy, has no pain and can walk unaided, the patient can then leave the operating area.

Now that you’re ready to leave the CEM Clinic...

It is best to go straight home after leaving the clinic. Barcelona is a beautiful city but this is not the best time to go sightseeing. Public transport makes it easy to get around the city but this is not the best form of transport after an operation: It is better to go home by car or taxi.

Sedation can have an effect on your digestive tract, slowing digestion. Meals should therefore be small and easy to digest: puréed vegetables, soup, toast, etc. Avoiding alcohol and coffee is recommended for the first 24 hours after surgery.

Once at home, you should be on modified bed rest, dividing time between the sofa and bed and getting up from time to time to stretch your legs. You should not overexert yourself, bend down or lift heavy objects, especially on the first day. Your ophthalmologist will tell you if you should sit or lie in a specific position while resting. As a general rule, you can sleep face-up or on the side that was not operated on.

After your first check-up, the ophthalmologist will tell you when you can return to your normal routine.


How soon can I go home after the operation?

After the surgery, you will sit on a very comfortable reclining chair and be monitored by the anaesthesia and nursing team for a short time in order to recover from the effects of the sedation. Postoperative recovery time is usually 15-30 minutes.

Why do I have to be taken home by somebody else?

As a safety measure. It is important to plan your return home with someone so that they can help you at home if you feel dizzy or unwell. These are not common problems at all but it is our responsibility to make sure you get home safely.

Will I be able to eat soon after the operation?

Yes, but try to eat a light meal and avoid alcoholic beverages on the day of the surgery.

Will I be able to take my usual medicines?

Yes. As a general rule, it is important to continue with your usual treatment, except in certain situations. The medical team will tell you when to change your previous medications.


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