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Surgical clinic specialising in ocular microsurgery, offering the most advanced technology to ophthalmologists.

In 2004, ICOftalmologia opened its Clínica Especializada de Microcirugía Ocular (Ocular Microsurgery Specialist Clinic - CEM CLINIC), hoping to establish a surgical facility of the highest possible level, capable of offering eye surgeons the best technical conditions, and aiming to keep up-to-date in all the latest microsurgery and ophthalmic diagnostic advances.

In ten years we have achieved a very satisfactory balance. More than sixty eye surgeons now perform operations at CEM. A third of these belong to ICOftalmologia and two-thirds are ophthalmologists from the surrounding area. With their help, we have established a supportive community that is happy to work together to share the facilities or to refer patients for state-of-the-art diagnostic testing or care at ICO's permanent A&E department.

CEM Clinic has recently been extended and now has around 500 m2 of floor space on Calle Balmes in Barcelona, just a 5 minute walk from ICO1 and ICO2. It has good public transport links and is close to numerous car parks.

CEM Clinic has four areas:

  1. Major Outpatient Surgery Area
    With two operating theatres and a pre- and post- topical, loco-regional and general anaesthesia area. Equipment for all types of eye surgery in adults and children. With the latest microscopy, video-recording and surgical instrumentation technology.
  2. LASIK Area
    Independent operating theatre with Schwind Amaris Excimer Laser and pendular microkeratome, offering customised ORCAM treatments.
  3. High-Tech Diagnostics Area
    Equipped with the most advanced diagnostic instruments (ImageNet digital angiography, Retinography, HRT·II optic disc tomography, Zeiss-Cirrus Optical Coherence Tomography, IOLMaster Optical Biometry, CSO Corneal Topography with the Amaris Excimer Laser for customised treatments, Orbscan Corneal Topography, Endothelial Specular Microscopy, Ultrasound Pachymetry, Pupillometry, etc.).
  4. Public Area
    With three waiting areas, two simultaneous surgery viewing rooms for family and visitors equipped with direct intercom communication with the surgeon. Clinical training room with digital screen, capacity for 50 people. Facilities for live surgery master classes.


Route 360 - Clínica CEM


Carrer de Balmes, 253 - 08006 Barcelona
T. +34 902 253 003 -

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