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Ophthalmic Emergencies | +34 934 155 637 | Doctor on duty and ophthalmic surgeon on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Ophthalmic A&E Department: opened in 1989, offering a speedy diagnosis and treatment for everything ranging from mild complaints to serious, life-threatening diseases that may even require surgery. 

This Unit is supported by the team of on-call surgeons: Dr José Ignacio Vela, Dr Jaume Crespi, Dr Carme Macià and Dr Jesús Diaz. A broad selection of members from ICOftalmologia's team are on duty at all times in the A&E department: (...list pending...)

There is one main reason why patients visit an ophthalmologist on an emergency basis: suffering as a result of their eye disease, not only due to pain or discomfort in the eye or tissues surrounding the eye, but also due to psychological stress as a result of loss of vision or as a result of worrying that the condition affecting them may have a poor prognosis.

That is why ICO has, for more than 25 years, taken great pride in its Ophthalmic A&E Unit, a service of huge value for its own patients and also for those referred from the many medical insurance companies or other ophthalmologists and clinics across Spain. 

The most common warning symptoms are:

  • Red eyes. 
  • Eye pain, or headache behind the eye. 
  • Loss of vision, whether central or peripheral.
  • Distorted images (metamorphopsia).
  • Perception of floaters (myodesopsia).
  • Transient loss of vision (amaurosis fugax). 
  • Double vision (diplopia).
  • All the effects of mechanical or chemical trauma.

Many teams of professionals are prepared for emergency cases:

  • The doctor on duty who has vast experience and knowledge in the different diseases that can cause ophthalmic emergencies.
  • The on-call eye surgeon, who is able to handle any complex case or situation requiring emergency surgery.
  • A team of surgical nurses who are ready to act whenever necessary.
  • A call centre team of medical staff for minor cases or post-operative follow-up.


A&E Unit 24h: Virtual Tour

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