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History of ICO

Looking out for your eyes since 1989

Our history dates back to 1989 when, as the Ophthalmology Service of one of the largest corporate accident insurance plan providers in Barcelona, we specialised in one of our strong points: Ocular Trauma. Since then, we have offered a continuous service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

As the years have passed, our ophthalmologists have developed their experience and knowledge. So step by step our team has grown, forming the Institut Comtal d’Oftalmologia you see today. The professional attitude of our management team has given us the necessary support and security to guarantee growth.

In 2004 we reached another milestone in our development as an integrated group: the opening of our surgical centre CEM CLINIC, the design of which reflects all of our ideas and dreams with one main objective; providing the latest technological advances without overlooking the satisfaction of our patients and the attending ophthalmologist.

And so this combination of vital and professional experiences has brought us to 2014, culminating with the opening of our new ICO1 at Vía Augusta 61. Thanks to these easily-accessible premises stretching to over 800 square metres and equipped with the latest technological advances, we aim to improve our patients' experience and the quality of the ophthalmic service they receive even further.

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