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Since the beginning of time, man has considered vision to be a fundamental function, one that is often threatened by diseases or accidents or made more difficult by the need to use glasses or contact lenses.

Medical research and science have been generous with ophthalmology. Ophthalmologists today have instruments, drugs, techniques and knowledge that our predecessors could not even have imagined.

Patient Care Service- ICOftalmologiaClarity in visual quality, control of incurable diseases, speed and precision in microsurgical techniques, comfort during post-operative periods, safety and confidence in medical and optometric indications: these words are common in our line of work, and as a result, other terms such as blindness, visual disability or pain are thankfully heard less and less at ophthalmic clinics

Institut Comtal d’Oftalmología is a medical organisation specialising in visual health care that has been providing medical care in Barcelona for more than 25 years. Today it comprises four different entities:


  1. ICO 1: At Vía Augusta 61, where you will find our 24-hour, 365 days/year A&E department and our specialty and sub-specialty outpatient clinics.


  1. ICO 2: At Vía Augusta 48, where our Optometry Services and Paediatric Ophthalmology Service are located.


  1. CEM Clinic: At Balmes 253, where we have our Surgical Services and the Diagnostic Testing Service.


  1. Fundación VER: Which manages all international cooperation and research activity.


Medical Management is led by Dr David Andreu Andreu while Scientific Management is led by Dr Susana Duch Tuesta.

Our slogan, Looking out for your eyes, summarises the management philosophy of our organisation.

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